Derek Thomas at Cairn University "Church Leaders Conference"

Derek Thomas is speaking at the Church Leaders Conference @ Cairn University on 9-3pm on Thursday, 3/7, 2019The Cairn Church Leaders Conference is a one day, cross-denominational conference. Church leaders are invited to come for a refreshing and edifying experience. This year, the theme is “Our Hope of Heaven.” The keynote speaker is Derek Thomas. Register here!

"The Church as a Refuge" with Dr. Diane Langberg

"The Church as a Refuge" with Dr. Diane Langberg

Leadership in the church of Jesus Christ is a holy trust from the Lord himself, who loves his people and is fiercely devoted to them. Any power that we have—at home, in the workplace, in society, or in the church—is ours only as it is received from God (Larger Catechism 129). That power carries with it unique temptations, alongside unique opportunities to bless others. This conference is designed for leaders in the church, to equip them more fully to protect and serve those under their care.

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Phila Presbytery Chapel & Lunch @ Westminster Seminary

Phila Presbytery Chapel & Lunch @ WTS: Tuesday 10/18, 10am-2pm at Westminster Theological Seminary
The Candidates & Interns Team is leading chapel on 10/18, followed by a seminary-sponsored lunch in an effort to connect students will all of the churches in our presbytery — if you pastor a church in our presbytery and are in particular need of an intern right now, contact All members of our presbytery are cordially invited.

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Presbytery Retreat 2015

Below is a message from Suler Acosta regarding this year's Presbytery Retreat:

Our annual retreat is fast approaching. On March 18-19, we will be meeting again at Camp Andrews for two days of refreshment, fellowship, and prayer. Our focus this year is on Prayer. We won’t simply be talking about prayer and practices in prayer, but we will actually be spending time in guided prayer. Our time will be a prayer retreat where we spend time praying for each other, for our presbytery, for our churches, for the city, and for the glory of Christ.

On behalf of the Shepherding Team, I want to invite you to our annual presbytery retreat on Wed-Thurs, March 18-19, 2015 at Camp Andrews. If you were there last year, you know how wonderful it was. If you couldn't make it, now's your chance to get on board to a great time of fellowship. This is for Teaching Elders, Ruling Elders, Interns, Seminary Students, and Candidates.

Our presbytery is changing in a good way. We are seeking to create a culture in our presbytery where we encourage each other, where we trust one another, where we can pray for each other and have real friendships with one another. Many of us desire to be in a presbytery where we see one another as brothers and friends in Christ first, and presbyters second. This retreat is aimed at fostering that kind of change.

I want to encourage you, no, I want to urge you, especially if you are not in a church setting as a TE, to come to this retreat and be a part of the attempt, not really to start a new culture, but to love each other, pray with and for one another, EAT together, sing together, play some sports, have a few drinks, and listen to one another-to be what God is calling us to be-pastors and elders who mutually care for each other!

If you register, you will need to bring some sheets for your bed, pillow, towels, and toiletries along with your Bible and notebooks. The cost is $100 per person. Please let me know if you will be able to come to this. Please don't let costs prohibit you. We want you to come and join us. I pray you can come.  Thanks for considering this and letting me know by February 21.

If you want to come, you can send in a check for whatever you can afford to "Philadelphia Presbytery" and in the memo, "Presbytery Retreat". You can mail it to me at my new address.
City Church York
Attn: Súler Acosta
521 W. King Street
York, PA 17401

Under Grace and for Jesus’ Kingdom,

Suler D. Acosta | Pastor, City Church York
717-478-1198 (cell)  |

"Solemn Assembly" Announcement

Below is an announcement from Glenn McDowell, our moderator:

Fellow Shepherds in Presbytery, I sent a letter to many of the pastors in our presbytery on December 17 inviting them to a solemn assembly at Epiphany Fellowship on January 7, 2015 - seeking God for healing and greater unity in the Church across racial and cultural lines.  Many of you came. Here is a picture from that time of worship, prayer and public repentance.

It is notable that all eight of us with host Pastor Eric Mason on the platform were ordained in the PCA Philadelphia Presbytery. 

I now invite you all to a follow-up gathering for pastors and elders at Epiphany Fellowship. 

  • We’ll meet Tuesday, March 10 @ 1pm.  Pastor Eric Mason will be hosting us at Epiphany Fellowship. The primary focus of this roundtable will be to discuss & plan the next steps following that week of solemn assemblies related to racial reconciliation.
  • Could you confirm to me that you are coming at ?
  • meeting at Epiphany Fellowship’s building
  • 1632 W. Diamond St., Philadelphia, PA 19121.

Integration of Spirituality and Behavioral Health Summit

Below is an update and announcement from TE Lin Crowe regarding the Integration of Spirituality and Behavioral Health Summit on March 6, 2015


Dear colleagues:

The attached invitation to a March 6th Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health summit seminar on the integration of spiritual & behavioral health in clinical practice is of enormous significance to us who live and labor in this city. Philadelphia leads the nation in forging pathways for the introduction of spiritual & pastoral care in the treatment of persons with mental health and substance abuse addictions.

Commissioner Arthur Evans has blazed a new trail into the stagnant “church/state stalemate” that has prevented much useful biblical & pastoral insight to be provided to consumers of the behavioral health system (mental health hospitals, community clinics, public health centers, drug rehabilitation programs, etc.). The latest research and scientific studies support Philadelphia’s bold foray into the arena of spiritual care in public health.

This half-day seminar with one of the nation’s leading researchers in the field will either introduce you for the first time to an exciting arena of ministry opportunity among Philadelphia's more than 100,000 clients in its treatment centers, or bring you up-to-date on the latest studies undergirding the application of spiritual supports to clinical behavioral health. At the voluntary request & approval of a client in therapy, a pastor, rabbi, imam or other spiritual guide can be included in the course of treatment. This is a new day for the development of successful partnerships for the common good of our people and for the application of centuries-old modalities like prayer, scriptural memory & mediation, and spiritual guidance.

I encourage you to study the attached invitation and register to attend. It is a free event, but space is limited and advanced registration is required.

Best regards,

Lin Crowe

The Integration of Spirituality and Behavioral Health Summit 

Why it Matters

Dr. Arthur C. Evans, Jr, DBHIDS Commissioner
Dr. Ken Pargament, Bowling Green University Professor and leading expert on faith and health

The City of Philadelphia's Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services is bringing together the highest level of leaders and experts nationally and locally from the academic, faith and behavioral health community, to introduce the integration of behavioral health and faith in the clinical community.

March 6, 2015
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
Community Behavioral Health, 11th Flr Conference Rm
801 Market St, Philadelphia, Pa 19107