Candidates and Internships Team

The ordination process in the PCA involves several steps: Candidacy (or "coming under care"), Internship, Licensure and final Ordination. The Candidates and Interns Team oversees only the Candidacy and Internship phases. You'll want to interact with the Licensure and Ordination Team once you reach the point of taking those exams.

The C & I Team walks with candidates for Gospel ministry from the time they come under care all the way until their ordination, in partnership with the candidates' local churches. During that time, a candidate will usually meet with us at least four times: to become a candidate, to propose an internship, to have a completed internship approved, and finally to have a family interview prior to being cleared for ordination trials. See below for applications and directions regarding each of these steps.

1. Under Care/Candidacy Application

2. Internship Proposal Application

3. Internship Completion Application

4. Family Interview (must be completed before ordination trials begin!)

Note: The C & I Team meets approximately six weeks prior to each meeting of presbytery, and applications are generally due a few weeks prior to that time. For specific application due dates and team meeting dates, contact